The need of authentication

HTTP is a stateless protocol. Which means that the previous state is not remembered when you make a new request. No credentials or authorisations are remembered between requests by default. This works without effort for static web pages, you simply need to send a GET request with the URL. But when a request is made on dynamic content, in most cases it would be user dependent and the server will need to verify who is sending the request. Sending all the credentials and proof to verify a user in each request becomes a hazel and it’s an unnecessary overhead. …

Recently I had to implement a POS system for a small retail shop. I needed to understand barcodes to work on this project. You must have noticed when you purchase an item from a supermarket, at the cashier they scan the barcode on the product, and it displays all the product information.

All this is possible thanks to the GS1 organisation who maintains and develop standards for the barcodes worldwide, which also means that little strip of black and white bars is not completely free now. …

Throughout my venture as a software engineer, I have seen people code in various ways. Sometimes it’s easier to read and understand while others took a considerable time to go through. When we code, we write it for others to read later on, not for ourselves. Even if a person is working on an individual project it’s crucial that your code is readable to another developer. I will discuss about some practices I realised that will help us code clean and better, no matter what programming language you use.

  1. Avoid poor naming
  2. Follow correct naming conventions
  3. Create proper method signatures

Most of us are familiar with agile. We have worked in agile development environments. Some organisations are using different versions of agile. But there are situations when agile won’t work for you. And why should you try out a model that wasn’t created for you? It would be like trying on super tight jeans. You might wear it somehow, but it’s bound to rip off at some point. This article would help you to identify if agile development will fit you.

1. Business model won’t suit agile

Agile is meant to adapt for changing requirements. If your organisation already has a predefined process and has a…

Sanura Hettiarachchi

Software Engineer

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